Gateway to Ministry

Amy James, MDiv

The graduating chapel speaker for this year was Amy James (MDiv 2021), a wife and mother of two who felt God calling her to further her education and enhance her abilities in counselling others. Family, friends, and people in her community further validated this call, along with her exceptional ability to cut through to the heart of issues.

As Amy explored possibilities, she looked for schools that offered a holistic approach to education. "I realized I did not want to study psychotherapy separate from exploring my faith and spirituality," she says. "Those things went hand in hand for me."

Amy enrolled in the MDiv in Counselling program at Tyndale and enjoyed engaging with her peers and professors and the freedom to explore and pursue her calling.

Tyndale was exactly the place I needed to be." Amy James (MDiv 2021)

One of her professors, Dr. Helen Noh, Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology, became a mentor, meeting with Amy outside of classes to talk about life, family, and her future.

“I can remember a time when Amy came into my office, wrestling with an insight about herself that had surfaced during one of her courses,” says Dr. Noh. “As we processed through this, I could see that Amy was not here just to gain head knowledge, but deeply desired to be formed and shaped through her learning."

Dr. Noh also describes Amy as someone who has an authentic compassion for people, a desire to live with integrity, and a strong sense of responsibility, balanced with a deep sense of humility.

“All the pieces in the program fed into each other and helped me understand more of who I am,” says Amy. “It then became the gateway for me to do what I felt called to do.”

Since graduating, Amy has been working at the organization where she completed her internship and enjoys the deep connections she has been able to make with clients.

“The timing of how everything worked to be able to finish my studies and have this job is so evident of God’s leading, faithfulness, and sovereignty,” says Amy. “I’m excited to go forward and continue to be exposed to as much in the field as I can.”